OJI Highpoint Officiating Day – November 4th

Reminder:  It is our Curl BC officiated day on November 4th – we will be starting early with a meeting with the Chief Umpire (Henry Wong) with a start time of 8:30 am.  Please arrive a bit earlier and be [ Read more ]

Welcome Delta 4 and RCCC/Coquitlam to OJI Need Sponsor Division 3

Welcome and congratulations!  We are now at 24 Teams for OJI Div 234 in Cloverdale.

Junior Coordinators:  Put on your thinking caps for 4 new teams to start November 25th – a whole new Block with Divisions Re-Structured.… [ Read more ]

OJI Need Sponsor Div 3 Draw Updated Oct. 28, 2012

2012 10 29 OJI Need Sponsor Div 3 Draw Updated Oct. 28, 2012[ Read more ]

Optimist Walk for Youth Flyer and Free Skate (Food Bank Donation)

Walk for Youth Flyer 2012[ Read more ]

OJI Highpoint Application Package 2012-2013

2012 05 05 OJI Highpoint Division 1 Application Package 2012-2013[ Read more ]