COVID-19 Daily Health ChecK

Updated as of September 21, 2020

Dear OJI Participants,

All participants and / or their caregivers are required to perform a daily health check  at home prior to attending OJI events. The BC Centre for Disease Control has updated its recommendations in regard to the daily health check requirements. Please use this revised version.

Please review the updated requirements below and use them to assess the participant.

Parents and caregivers please take time to review with your child prior coming to any OJI events.

1. Symptoms of Illness:  Does the participant have any of the following symptoms?

fever shortness of breath nausea and vomiting
chills loss of sense of smell or taste  
cough or worsening of chronic cough diarrhea  

If you answered “Yes” to one of the symptoms above (excluding fever), the participant should stay home for 24 hours from when the symptom started. If the symptom improves, they may return to OJI events when they feel well enough. If the symptom(s) persists or worsens, seek a health assessment.

If you answered “Yes” to two of the symptoms above the participant has a fever, seek a health assessment. A health assessment includes calling 8-1-1 or visiting or speaking with a primary care provider like a physician or nurse practitioner. If a health assessment is required, the participant should not return to OJI events until COVID-19 has been excluded and their symptoms have improved.

2. International Travel: Has the participant returned from travel outside of Canada in the last 14 days?

3. Confirmed Contact: Is the participant(s) a confirmed contact of a person confirmed to have COVID-19?

If you answered “YES” to questions 2 or 3, use the COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool ( to determine if you should seek testing for COVID-19.

When a COVID-19 test is recommended by the health assessment:
• If the COVID-19 test is positive, the participant is to stay home until you are told by public health to end self-isolation. In most cases this is 10 days after the onset of symptoms. Public health will contact everyone with a positive test.
• If the COVID-19 test is negative, the participant can return to school once symptoms have improved and they feel well enough. Symptoms of common respiratory illnesses can persist for a week or more. Re-testing is not needed unless they develop a new illness.
• If a COVID-19 test is recommended but is not done because you choose not to have the test, or you do not seek a health assessment when recommended, and the participant’s symptoms are not related to a previously diagnosed health condition, the participant is to stay home from OJI events until 10 days after the onset of symptoms, and then they may return if they are feeling well enough.

If a COVID-19 test is not recommended by the health assessment, the participant can return to OJI events when symptoms improve and they feel well enough. Testing may not be recommended if the assessment determines that the symptoms are due to another cause (ie. Not COVID-19).

If a participant exhibits symptoms while at an OJI event they will be asked to leave the premise. In the case of a minor or anyone who does not have their own transportation parents (or their caregiver) will be contacted, a mask will be provided for the participant, and the participant will be moved to a secure space to await pick-up.

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