About Us

The Interclub Junior Curling league was formed in 1989. At that time it was recognized that junior curlers wanted a more competitive league than their individual junior curling clubs were often able to offer.

Junior curlers who had progressed to an intermediate level wanted the opportunity to compete against more teams of a similar skill level.

In 1989/90 the interclub league began with ten teams from seven curling clubs. The Valley Curling Club in Cloverdale was chosen as the host club primarily because of its central location.

It was mandated that all junior interclub curlers belong to a junior program at their home curling club in order to ensure that each local junior curling program remained viable.

In 1997/98, a new ten team division was started at the Langley Curling Club. This gave advanced level curlers more opportunity to prepare for provincial and national competition.

In 2003/04, a new eight team division was started at the Vancouver Curling Club. This gave entry level curlers an opportunity to learn to curl and come into the league part way through the season.

In 2007- Optimist Clubs and Curl BC partnered in a date planner ticket raffle to raise funds for cluster camps in curling communities across BC. Optimist Curl BC Cluster Camps are bringing out the best in more kids every year. Optimist Junior Interclub is eager to provide consulting services for clusters of curling clubs building their own Optimist junior interclubs from Vancouver Island to Peace River and East Kootenays to the Alaska panhandle.

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