Why Youth Curling?

Why “Youth Curling Development” and “Optimists – Bringing out the Best in Children” is such a perfect fit.


  1. In curling, a child does not need to be bigger, faster or stronger to grow from playground to podium.
  2. Children dream.  Count the interviews where Olympians said their dream began when they were 10 years old.  The Olympics!  Imagine.  A 10-year old sure can.
  3. In curling, 100% of the time, for every play, each player, puts in their equal share of the team effort.
  4. Affiliation is a life need, a need for life, a life skill and a skill for life.  Curling is an opportunity to join.  Want to join a gang?  Join our gang.  Join when you’re in 5thgrade.
  5. Curling is inclusive, providing the bully with a venue in which to learn leadership and providing the victims with a safe environment in which to thrive.  Each child is on the team.  This is extremely important, even pivotal, to a child of this age.  Everyone plays from start to finish, in every game, and in every Optimist competition.
  6. An active lifestyle, beginning age 0 to 6, is fundamental to healthy childhood development.  Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) are essential to overall physical literacy and development of children and youth.
  7. A child’s active start can prevent childhood diabetes associated with the 9-year old couch potato.  Vigorous exercise in pre-pubescence is reported to aid in prevention of breast cancer.  For optimum physical development, fast twitch muscles are best trained at age 9-11 for explosive strength used in curling for brushing reaction and leg thrust.  This protocol provides the child with valuable cross-training for many other sports.
  8. Going on road trips seem to be our best memories of youth development and competition, even when the road trip was only 30 minutes to the next town.
  9. Children like competition so we work to get them into the league with their peers right at the beginning of their first year.  After all, a curling game is a competition.
  10. My friend, Greg, chides, “Al, you think junior curling is the answer to world peace.” I answer, “Yes”.

2011 June 28

Al Kersey – Optimist Junior Interclub Curling League

Please make an opportunity to meet with me at your next convenience and please do not hesitate to call 778-988-4337 or email akersey@nulltelus.net with any and all questions and volunteer ideas.

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