Div 1 Schedule & Results

  • Results as of February 13, 2023


OJICL BOOK 34 Division 1 with 6-Team Draw to start 2022-2023




Division 1, 2022-2023 Season

Dates Games Location Notes
September 25, 2022 1 and 2 Langley Curling Club  
October 16, 2022 3 and 4 Langley Curling Club  
November  20, 2022 5 and 6 Langley Curling Club  
December 4, 2022 7 and 8 Langley Curling Club  
January 8, 2023 9 and 10 Langley Curling Club  
February 12, 2023 11 and 12 Langley Curling Club  

*Subject to COVID-19 restrictions

Pre-Game Practice Schedule & Rock Assignment
OJI BOOK 32 – Div 1 2020-2021 Practice

Rules for Movement Between Blocks

  1. Win-Loss record for the just completed round determines RANK.
  2. Ties broken by “head-to-head” record against each other in just completed round.
  3. If still tied, use net game points scored in the just completed round (all games not just head-to-head games)
  4. If still tied, break by current total placement points for the season.
  5. If still tied, flip a coin, rock -paper-scissors or ???
  6. New block/playoff order/seeding is based on aggregate points earned. If tied, use the  the above tie break rules.


Results as of Sunday October 25th, 2020
OJI BOOK 32 – Div 1 2020-2021

Note: There was an error made in the Round #1 ranking for 3rd and 4th place in block “A”.  However, since 2 teams went down, there was no impact on the movement of teams so no adjustments will be made. The error was not identified until after the first block 2 games took place.

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